Monopoly is a game which has been around for decades now but is still one of the most popular board games in the world. Created by Hasbro, there are now literally hundreds of variations of the Monopoly board game which include the likes of Glasgow Monopoly, Coventry Monopoly, Newcastle Monopoly, Manchester Monopoly and an array of other city themed games as well as a cartoon character and sports themes. It seems that the demand for Monopoly games continues to build even today and the company has major plans to bring out further versions as and when applicable in the future.

There is no doubt it is a mixture of the intelligence and skill needed to play the game together with the family orientated theme with the original Monopoly game which has made it so popular for such a long period. There are even Monopoly games out there which allow you to customise each square of the board and effectively create your very own game which you can play with family and friends.

Monopoly is a popular game that involves a lot of strategies and a little bit of luck. A lot of adults love to play Monopoly, as a family game and at large gatherings. But this board game also proves beneficial to kids as well. This article will talk about two key reasons why parents should get their children involved in this board game.

#1: Monopoly Introduces Children To Grown-Up Terms That They Will Use In Later Life

There are two key concepts that kids are exposed to that will become crucial in later life: rent and mortgage. Whenever a player arrives on someone else’s resources, they have to pay a specified amount. This becomes crucial as children grow up because they learn that to stay somewhere else, they must pay a monthly amount. They also learn that every place does not charge the same rent and that properties in more affluent neighborhoods cost more.

The children are also exposed to a mortgage for the first time. While the mortgage in Monopoly is different from the standard mortgage, children are at least introduced to the concept that they will receive money from the bank in consideration for their property. It’s a major growth experience for children.

#2: Monopoly Will Teach Children Strategy And Management

Monopoly is a game of strategy and management on many levels. Whether it involves buying the right set of properties or watching how much money you have, there is more than luck involved in winning. For example, as children play Monopoly over a period, they may learn that they can win by focusing on getting properties focused on a corner is a better strategy than trying to get Park Place and Boardwalk. They may also learn that focusing on the more expensive properties may not be the best strategy to winning because it drains their money and they may not get their return on investment.

Whatever the case may be, children will gain a better understanding of what approach they need to win the game as well as watching how much money they have. This is a good development for a child later in life because they can take their strategy and management skills and put them to good use when it comes time to manage their money and make crucial financial decisions.

I was poking around YouTube the other day and I found this video with some tips on how to win Monopoly when you play.  Do you do some of these things? If you do, you might be the winner!



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