It is a misconception that chess is a game only for intellectuals. Anyone who is willing to put in the effort to learn can play, improve, and master this game.

However, many chess players play it for long and yet they are not able to improve their game. It happens because they do not focus on the ‘Chess Tactics.’ Learning chess tactics can significantly improve your game as well as convert your tactics into various types of strategies that you can employ to win.

By learning and doing exercises, you will be able to develop your tactical moves. These will surprise your opponent and make him fall into the strategic traps carefully formulated by you. Apart from the tactical exercises, you should also learn positional exercises.

Let us have a look at some of the most useful strategies for each of these three stages.


While there are many ways to open a game, the fundamentals of all the opening strategies are almost similar. Some of the things that you should keep in mind in the beginning are-

Take the pieces, especially the knights and bishops to places from where they can make some impact at later stage of the game

Try to get control of the central squares as these are strategic places from where the pieces can be easily moved to any part of the board

Avoid weak pawn structures, like backward pawns, isolated pawns and doubled pawns

Time the casting correctly to improve the safety of your King

Middle Game

When you are at the middle stage of the game, some great strategies can give you the upper hand. Some of them are-

At this stage, it is not just important to think about attack but defense as well. Try to understand what your opponent is thinking to create defense strategies that are better than his/her attack strategies

Force your opponent to make a move that comes with a long-term positional disadvantage, like extreme passivity, isolated pawn, etc.

When you already have a space advantage, do not attack in a hurry. Try to gain other benefits and only attack when it is required.

End Game

The end game stage is the most complex for most of us, especially as a beginner. You can use the below-mentioned strategies to avoid making mistakes in the endgame.

While it is usually believed that you only need to calculate and use tactics and strategies, it is also critical to use them during the end game, especially with minor pieces

Using your king to defend and attack is a great move to steer away from complex situations. However, if there are a lot of pieces on the board, be very careful about activating your king

When there is an open position, the bishop is usually considered as the stronger piece as they can be easily moved on open diagonals. But if you have a closed position, Knights will be better as they can easily jump over locked pawns and cluttered landscape

Use these tips next time you play a game of chess to increase the chances of winning. While they cannot be excelled at once, practice them on a regular basis to get used to them and become a better player.



Your opening move in chess can be as important as the last move you make.  The same idea applies to anything in life whether is is what area of town you want to live in, what job to take or where to go for a overhead doors.  Always think through your choices before you take action .